Yaaaaaas! New hat, because I need something that isn’t just a sweaty old ‘Canes hat.

Accurate. Accurate. Accurate. Accurate.

Oh, sorry, am I in your way?

Prosecco + blueberry muffins. Not pictured: Paleo zucchini bread. Feeling overwhelmingly domestic. #tgif (at MAHM and DEHD’s)

Staying in the ‘burbs for one night, packing like I’m never coming home.

at United States House of Representatives

A little bit obsessed with this little wedding logo. #sorrynotsorry #wedding #design #lettering

Lord, what fools these mortals be. #shakespeare (at Folger Shakespeare Library)

#latergram #capitol (at United States Capitol)

Regramming this mess because it sums up everything about today. Much success, #dcmargmarch! We did it, without getting too rowdy!

#ombre #dcmargmarch @tehrubendc @eliotpayne @matabout (at Mission - Dupont Circle)

Something about testing forearm strength, but whatever. #dcmargmarch

Score cards just arrived so it’s officially ON. #dcmargmarch @ouzym @wade

Pregaming #DCMargMarch with black beans and shredded chicken tacos topped with this magical peach salsa. Get in mah bellehhh.

The happiest little smoothie.