Leftover smoked Gouda mac + cheese, plus some thick-cut bacon and asparagus. I’m a genius, basically. #food #bacon #cheese

Sunday morning sunlight. (at Rent-A-Swag)

Sunday morning pancakes. (at Rent-A-Swag)

Rousing Saturday night over here. Turn down for filing.

All of the finer things in life. And I finally learned how to make fried chicken!


Me in a nutshell. Me in a nutshell. Me in a nutshell. Me in a nutshell.

Some Alfred Hitchcock shit. #thebirds (at Marine Corps War Memorial)

New TV stand, courtesy of little sister redecorating and not needing it. Props to papa for coming all the way to Alexandria to help me carry it up 3 flights of stairs 😳😳

My closet organization game is pretty on-point, if I do say so myself.

Putting away laundry turned into cleaning out my closet. Discovered my diploma and cap from high school graduation! What’s up Chantilly Class of 2006!?

"You’re on the ground which means you’re on MY level which means I do what I want." -Mac

I think it’s finally done! What do you guys think? Any final clean-up tips before I send this baby (no pun intended) to print? #design #lettering #typography #nursery #etsy

It’s coming together! First hand-lettered piece I’ve ever turned digital. Still needs some stylistic love, but it’s getting there 😊 #design #lettering #type #typography #etsy #baby

First draft. Needs major work still (particularly spacing issues), but headed in the right direction! #lettering #design #nursery #baby